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    BETA : 15.02.2019 21:00
    OFFICIAL : 22.02.2019 21:00



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    - About New Server Activity
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    · Server is settled in a Dedicated server which is guarded by DDoS/Botnet. This means there WON’T be any problem when the server gets attacked.

    · Moreover, there is a “Self-Anticheat System” which is developed by the owner of the server and enables Knights play safely and far away from cheats.

    · In addition to these, all your paswords are kept with a special Cryption which means gg to cheaters!

    · All the Knights will face a new anti-cheat system which is a combination of OCA-SYSTEM and SOACS.

    · If any 3rd party tool is used in-game, the character will be banned automatically and you can see these cheaters as a notice, and this process will happen by the help of OCA-SYSTEM.

    Some of the features of OCA-SYSTEM which makes our server special:

    · You can put you KC on the skill bar and use it. (Like using potion)

    · You can repair you armors and weapons with Magic Hammer.

    · Cooldown edits and Fast skills are DEFINATELY fixed.

    · There is MONSTER STONE event.

    · For more information, you can reach the details of OCA-SYSTEM here.

    · You can reach OCA-SYSTEM Collection Race here. ( Notice system)

    · You won’t have any trouble in QUESTS or COLLECTION RACE of OCA-SYSTEM.

    · When you relog or when the server is reseted, It will continue where you stopped.

    · You can reach Upgrade Event system of OCA-SYSTEM here. ( This is the uniqe event among all of the KOs. The system of notice feedback.)

    · LVL cap will be 70. ( There will be 3 stages in that period. At first, the last level will be 62, then 65 and then 70. This period is going to be updated according to the server issues)

    · In Ardream Map, the two Nations will fight. The first nation who finishes the kill mission or COIN quest will be rewarded.

    · Atrosses and Riotes will drop with the rate of %2 KC and Monster Stone.

    · There is no exceptional item drops from DARK MARES. However, ColonyZone Dark Mares’ drop rate is higher than Eslant.

    · Farming COINS slots are: Colony Zone “Blood Seekers, Dark Mares” and the quest which will be held in Ardream.

    · The players limit of CHPHER KO servers will be 1500 ppl.

    · Random Items Rewards are being updating.

    · There is ANTI-GLICH in our database.

    · Chaos Stone: There will be a boss tree in the middle of the bowl and when you destroy this tree, it will summon 5 bosses from the server. The drop rates of these bosses will be %5 lower than other bosses. The boss tree will respawn randomly in 1 or 2 hours after it gets destroyed. The bosses that coming from this tree will be randomly.

    · Knowledges about the characters: The character are originaly designed as Rouge, Magician, Warrior and Priest. In oder to make you play Cypher KO with a great pleasure, all the characters’ attacks, defences are balanced sensitively.

    · At the begining of the server, you can find in your inventory some of the equipments that you need as a beginner. (Weapons)

    · Job Change and Name Change: You can obtain this service with KC.

    · Drop Rates: In order to make the server stable, last longing and balanced, the drop rates are set and arranged so sensitively and one by one from the begining. You can search “Drops” via Website.


    • EVENTS

      · Bi-Frost ( It will be activated when the level 70 is released.)

      · Border Defence War ( A new map is added)

      · Collection Race Event (It is changed)

      · Death Match ( A new Map is added)

      · In Ardream map, the two nation will fight and there will be COINS quests. Moreover there will be Collection Race Quests)

      · HolyLand Event is added to Ronark Land Base map.

      · There is a system which is called “Stay Online-Get the Reward”.

      · Forgetten Temple Event

      · Santa Event

      · Lastman – Deathmatch (The new map is added)

      · Merchant %1 EXP Event

      · Upgrade Event (This will the first event in the history of Knight Online)



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    geliyoruz yeni bir devrim yaratmaya ışık hızıyla
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    Monster stone'u 1299da görmek çok farklı olacak 15 şubatı bekliyorum
  4. cengaver2le

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    Magic hammer'in silahı rpr yapması çok güzel olmuş
  5. cengaver2le

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    en sevmediğim olay burda olmayacak görevlerin relog atınca silinmemesi tebrikler
  7. lestia

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    güzel bir servera benziyor trailer farklı ve güzel olmuş
  8. CypherKO

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    herkesi bekliyoruz destek için konuyu uplayalım arkadaşlar
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    Harika bir server olacak gibi gözüküyor. Heyecanla bekliyoruz.
  10. ayhanbaba

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    Konuyu Okudum Gayet Başarılı İddalı Ve tüm Ödulleri talıp ben ve ekıbım Burda olcaz
    baya yenılıkcı sw hayrlı ugurlu olsun
  11. cengaver2le

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  12. CypherKO

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    güncel arkadaşlar
  13. cengaver2le

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  14. CypherKO

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    güncel arkadaşlar
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    4SultanS olarak beklemedeyiz karus olarak başlıcaz humman arkdaşlar şimdiden allah yardımcısı olsun :D
  17. CypherKO

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    ikinci hikayemiz eklendi
  18. CypherKO

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    güncel arkadaşlar
  19. CypherKO

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    Beta da görüşmek üzere

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